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Paper title Do-it-yourself Cranioplasty – 3D printers help to reduce costs and enhance cosmetic results of cranioplasty
Paper code P02
  1. Stephan Schön Bethesda Spital Speaker
  2. Florian Thieringer Universitätsspital Basel
Form of presentation Poster
  • SSNS-Neurosurgery
Abstract text Aims:
To display the development and the systematic implementation into daily routine of a new 3D-printer assisted method to perform patient specific implants for cranioplasty.

Case series of 6 patients consecutively operated at the University Hospital of Basel using a 3D print hybrid technique to perform patient specific cranioplasty. A design optimization software (3-matic, version 11.0, Materialise Inc., Leuven, Belgium) was used to process DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Data from the patient’s preoperative cranial Computed Tomography and a template of the bony defect was then printed out with a commercially available high-end 3D-printer (Stratasys Objet 30 Prime, Stratasys GmbH, Rheinmünster, Germany). As a printing substrate, a biocompatible substrate, MED610, was used. The printed-out template of the future implant is required to form a mold using a heat resistant addition-type silicone material (PRESIDENT soft putty, Coltène/ Whaledent AG, Altstätten, Switzerland) that is routinely used in craniomaxillofacial surgery which is then sterilized to produce the implantable patient specific PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) implant.

We present the workflow from printing a template of the bone flap to the construction of the silicone mold and sterile implantation of the patient specific implant made of PMMA.
A cost analysis will be presented compared to commercially available patient specific implants.

Systematic implementation of the in-hospital production of 3D-printer assisted patient specific implants made of conventional Palacos (PMMA) is save, feasible and markedly helps to reduce treatment costs with yet excellent cosmetic results compared to conventional PMMA Cranioplasty.